Autumn Preparation for your horses.

With the end of summer now here our gaze starts to turn towards the coming colder months. Autumn is here, and has long been my favourite time of year. Leaves slowing turning from green to brilliant and beautiful reds, yellows, oranges and brown. Not to mention Halloween when we can all get a chance to dress up and simply have a mess around.double stable and tack room

It’s not all easy going though…….over the next few weeks many a job needs attention and we all need to take great mind in making sure all our stables are in the very best condition before the darker evenings close in.

Although our horses will always still love getting out in the fields through the colder months we’ve put together a few pointers to keep in mind for your to-do-list. So reach for your autumn wardrobe and lets get winter ready early.

Planning and preparation are a must when looking after horses and can save so much time and money in the long run.

Stable/Yard Prep:

    • Now is a good time to carry out any repairs that need attention. It’s a great idea to have a good look round and make sure your stables are free from any leaks, are secure and suitably clean ready for use.
    • Check those gutters too. Clear out any debris that might cause blockage. Lying water in the winter months can freeze and lead to leaky gutters.
    • Repair any broken fences and check all gates and ensure they are in good working order.
    • Top up any hard standing in necessary. This will help prevent muddy patches forming when the weather turns wetter and colder.
    • Stock up on fed and get your winter diet plan together if you use one. Buying in bulk usually works out a little cheaper but be sure to check your stock regularly. Mould can build up quite quickly if missed. You don’t want you feed supplies being spoiled.
    • Have an overhaul of any equipment you might not to using over the winter months. Ensure things are store away dry and clean and ready for use when again needed.
    • Put together a good well thought out cleaning and stable management routine. One that is quite easy to stick to and has plenty of hands mucking in.

If you need to add  Stables or Field Shelters to your yard please do be in touch. With Finance Options now available. Give us a call today and we would love to help.

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